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Understanding Cavities and Tooth Decay in Woodstock

Cavities, the result of tooth decay, signify damage to your teeth that can affect both the outer protective layer, called enamel, and the inner layer known as dentin.

But what exactly causes this decay? It begins when foods containing carbohydrates, such as bread, cereal, milk, soda, fruit, cake, or candy, linger on your teeth. The bacteria naturally present in your mouth convert these carbohydrates into acidic substances. When combined with food debris and your saliva, these acids form a sticky film called plaque, which adheres to your teeth. Over time, the acids in plaque gradually erode the enamel, leading to the formation of tiny holes known as cavities.

Who Is Prone to Cavities?

Contrary to common belief, cavities are not solely a childhood issue. Changes in your oral health as you age make them a concern for adults as well. As you grow older, your gums may recede, creating a gap between your gums and teeth. This recession can be exacerbated by gum disease, further exposing the tooth roots to plaque and bacterial activity. Additionally, if you consume sugary or high-carb foods frequently, your risk of developing cavities increases significantly.

It's important to note that older adults may encounter decay around the edges of dental fillings. Many seniors have extensive dental work due to inadequate fluoride exposure and oral care during their youth. Over time, these fillings can weaken and develop gaps where bacteria can accumulate, leading to decay.

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