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Understanding Labial Speech in Woodstock

In the realm of speech and articulation, labial sounds play a significant role in the way we communicate. Labial sounds are those that are articulated with the involvement of one or both lips. These sounds are essential components of language and are produced by varying the positioning and movement of the lips.

Understanding labial speech sounds is essential for speech therapists, linguists, and anyone interested in the science of language. Whether you're seeking speech therapy or have questions about speech and language, our team at Dr. Ed Hoben Dentistry in Woodstock is here to assist you.

Comprehensive Speech and Language Services

Dr. Ed Hoben and our dedicated team offer a range of speech and language services to address various communication needs. Whether you or a loved one require speech therapy, accent modification, or language assessments, we are conveniently located at 35 Wellington St. North and ready to help.

Contact Us for Speech and Language Support

If you'd like to schedule a speech therapy session or have inquiries about our services, please feel free to call us at (519) 539-4868. We are committed to promoting effective communication and look forward to assisting you.

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